Good Friday Jumu'ah

The Canadian-Muslim Vote was officially launched on April 3rd, 2015 through our first outreach initiative.  We worked with 23 masjids across the Greater Toronto Area to deliver a coordinated khutba (public sermon) on the importance of civic engagement for the Canadian Muslim community.  The Canadian-Muslim Vote was present at all participating masjids and reached out to over 15,000 people.

What is Good Friday Jummah (GFJ)?: Friday is the busiest day at Mosques across the globe. With our Good Friday Jummah, we take the opportunity presented with the Easter Long Weekend to drive an election readiness campaign including critical voter information aimed at encouraging Muslims to vote.

What actually happens on Good Friday Jummah (GFJ)?: The highlight of the GFJ is the coordinated Friday sermon in mosques across the country. GFJ kicks off an election readiness campaign which includes our flagship Eid Dinner where over 60 elected officials and party leaders join us for a meal celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This event helps combat the myths and misconceptions many politicians might have about the Muslim community.

What impact does GFJ have?: TCMV’s election readiness campaign, in association with our national partners, has played a pivotal role in increasing Muslim voter turnout, which ensures Canadian politicians listen and respond to the needs of their Muslim constituents.. We believe GFJ facilitates a unified message delivered to Muslims across this great country of ours!

Have you done this before?: Yes, we have! Ahead of the 2015 Federal elections, we had 20 mosques participate across the GTA and ahead of the 2018 Ontario provincial elections, we had 44 mosques participating. Have a look at some photos from past events on our Facebook Page.

Why do you need my help?: As a non-profit organization, our principal source of funding is donations from people like you! Raising awareness means posters, flyers and media campaigns, all of which you get to see first-hand and give Muslims a voice in Canadian politics!

How do I help?:

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