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    Muslims in the House: May 7 -11

    Cannabis Legalization
    With the impending legalization of cannabis, MP Alain Rayes (Richmond - Arthabaska, QC) expressed concerns with the impending legalization of cannabis--specifically, that cannabis would become legal for recreational consumption before Bill C-46, the drug-impaired driving bill, would fully be implemented by local law enforcement. MP Rayes called on the Government to not implement the legalization of cannabis law enforcement officials in Canada are “equipped and trained” to deal with cannabis consumption.

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    Muslims in the House: April 27 - May 4

    MiH – April 30 – May 4, 2018

    Foreign Affairs – Extradition of Hassan Diab

    MP Matthew Dube (Beloeil-Chambly, QC) inquired about the extradition of Hassan Diab, a Canadian, to France and his subsequent return to Canada because the burden of proof for his extradition was so insufficient that it did not hold up in a French court. MP Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, responded that the current Canadian government advocated at every level for Mr. Diab’s return to Canada and are happy that he is back home but noted that the extradition occurred under the previous Conservative government with involvement of government officials at that time. The Canadian government is currently looking into extradition requests as it is an important matter.

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