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    Muslims in the House: March 26 - 29 | Musulmans dans la Chambre: 26 - 29 Mars

    MP Chandra Ayra (Nepean, ON) noted the recent election of Muse Bihi Abdi as the president of Somaliland. MP Ayra commended Somaliland for their efforts to address gender based violence and the state’s commitment to reduce sexual violence. MP Ayra also thanked the Somali-Canadian community in Ottawa for its hard work and contributions to the community and for continuing to help foster the relationship between Canada and Somalia including Somaliland.

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    Muslims in the House: March 19 - 22 | Musulmans dans la Chambre: 19 - 22 Mars

    Foreign Affairs - Arms sales to Saudi Arabia
    MP Helene Laverdiere (Laurier-Sainte-Marie, QC), brought attention to the issue of the multi-billion dollar Canadian arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which includes the export of many armored assault vehicles. She stated that the deal makes Canada complicit in the human rights violations that Saudi Arabia is engaged in, both against its own civilians and in Yemen and questioned how the Canadian government can deem their foreign policy to be both feminist and progressive if they continue selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed that Canada condemns any and all human rights violations and the issuance of the export permits for the arms sales to Saudi Arabia comply with Canadian policies particularly with respect to human rights.

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