Who is this group open to?

Our organization is primarily open to Muslims who want to have a better understanding of Canadian politics and those who want to be actively engaged in the political process. We are not affiliated with any political party or religious organization. The Canadian-Muslim Vote is also open to Canadians who want to learn more about  the issues of interest to the Muslim community.

Does The Canadian-Muslim Vote have a religious agenda?

No. The key motivation of The Canadian-Muslim Vote is to encourage increased voter turnout and political participation within the Canadian Muslim community. We hope to leverage the wide audience and network of religious leaders to spread the core message of The Canadian-Muslim Vote: be engaged and vote!

Who funds this group?

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a non-profit, grassroots organization and relies on the support of the individual donors, grants, and partnerships.

What causes will we champion?

The Canadian-Muslim Vote aims to educate and empower the broader Muslim community to participate in the Canadian political process. We will also gather information on issues important to the community and raise awareness of them among political parties.

Are you affiliated with any international organizations?

No. The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a Canadian organization.