What is the Flag Campaign?

A new campaign to erect Canadian flags at mosques and Islamic institutions across Canada. The vision for this initiative is to continue to take strides towards a unified and integrated community.

Why Participate?

This campaign provides mosques and Islamic institutions an opportunity to demonstrate their Canadian pride as Muslims who are part of the larger community they reside within. This is an opportunity to be a part of a non-sectarian initiative to promote civic engagement among Canadian Muslims and help create more awareness amongst your local communities. Furthermore, this campaign will generate positive conversations about Muslim establishments to counter potential misconceptions that have plagued our mosques and institutions in the past. Our teams will work with local political leaders and media to shed positive light on this program that gives you a chance to identify as proud ‘Canadian’ Muslims.

How to Participate?

Simply reach out to TCMV at canadaflag@canadianmuslimvote.ca if your mosque or Islamic institution is interested in participating in this campaign. Our team will work with you to coordinate a ceremony to commemorate the raising of the flag and create some media coverage for the event. There is no cost to the mosque or institution for participating in the campaign, rather the flags and flag poles will be provided through private donors.

How to become a flag donor?

Part of making this campaign possible is flag donors. We will work with our donors to involve them in the flag ceremony and any dedications they may want to make. If you are interested in donating a flag to the campaign please contact us at canadaflag@canadianmuslimvote.ca.