Canada’s Political System

What Are Your Representatives Responsible For?

In Canada, there are three levels of government. Each level of government has different responsibilities for issues that affect Canadians.

  1. The Federal government is responsible for national issues including, but not limited to, citizenship and immigration, national security and foreign affairs.
  2. Provincial and territorial governments are responsible for things that more closely impact our day-to-day lives, including healthcare, education, and other essential infrastructure such as broadband, public transportation and highways.
  3. Municipal (city) and other “local” governments are responsible for local matters, such as firefighting, police, street lighting, noise and nuisance, local planning and sometimes city-level transportation systems. 


Watch a video produced by Springtide (a charity dedicated to helping people learn how to lead change through politics) outlining how each level of government plays a role in our day to day lives.