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    Muslims in the House: November 6 - 10 | Musulmans à la Chambre: 6 - 10 Novembre

    Religious Freedom
    MP Nicholson (Niagara Falls) made a statement in the House to acknowledge that the Justice Committee voted to keep Section 176 in the Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to use threats or force to obstruct religious service, or wilfully disrupt religious assemblies. He stated that Canadians and religious officials will be able to practice their right to worship knowing that they will continue to be protected in the Criminal Code. MP Nicholson also stated that the Conservative Party has always supported religious freedom as a fundamental right that greatly affects all Canadians, regardless of whether they attend religious services.

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    Muslims in the House: October 30 - November 3 | Musulmans à la Chambre: 30 Octobre - 3 Novembre

    Quebec’s Bill 62
    MP Chandra Arya (Nepean, ON) raised concerns regarding Quebec’s Bill 62, which effectively bans face coverings. MP Arya shared his worry that this new provincial bill infringes on the religious freedom of Canadians and will divide Canadians by creating an “us” and “them” dichotomy.

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