JULY 2017

This year's dinner will be a celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr and Canada’s 150th Birthday. The evening will host a number of inspirational, innovative, and original speakers representing all spheres of Canadian life to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

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Canadian flags are being installed at mosques and Islamic institutions all across Canada. Join the movement now and learn more information below!

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On May 27. 2017, the Conservative Party of Canada will be electing a new leader. As Canadian Muslims, it is important that we exercise our civic duty to help choose the next leader of the Conservative Party, who could be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

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In this Federal Election, Canadian Muslims came out to vote in in record numbers. An estimated 79% of Canadian Muslims voted in the 2015 Federal Election according to a recent post-election poll conducted by Mainstreet Research. The poll surveyed Muslims from municipalities across Canada to determine Canadian Muslim voter turnout. In the ridings that The Canadian-Muslim Vote targeted, the voter turnout amongst Canadian Muslims was a ground breaking 88%. Click below to see the full report.

Post-Election Report

Stay Engaged In Between Elections

The Canadian-Muslim Vote's vision is to have an active Canadian Muslim community which is politically engaged at all levels of government. Watch this video to learn about our organization's beginning and how to stay involved.

"Not only am I Canadian, I am Canadian and I am Muslim...and those two things fit perfectly together"

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Our goal as The Canadian-Muslim Vote is to educate and encourage Muslims to play an active role in Canadian democracy. In order for us to do that, we need to know what matters to you. Please complete our survey to which will help us to better serve you. You can view the results of the survey here.
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Who We Are

who we are

A Grassroots Organization

The Canadian Muslim Vote is a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization with the aim of increasing the participation of Canadian Muslims within the democratic process.


Through the work of dedicated volunteers, our organization is striving to empower Canadian Muslims with the relevant information they need to play a more active role in Canadian democracy for the benefit of all Canadians.

A Source of Education

The Canadian-Muslim Vote hopes to mobilize Canadian Muslims to participate in Canadian politics by helping them make informed choices during and between election periods.

Our Vision

The Canadian-Muslim Vote's vision is to have an active Canadian Muslim community which is politically engaged at all levels of government.

We will realize our vision by:

  • Educating Canadian Muslims on the mechanics of Canadian politics by providing information that is clear, relevant and insightful.
  • Working with politicians, community leaders and like-minded organizations to collaborate and make a positive difference in the Canadian democratic process.



who we are

Reached over 200K in Outreach Events

The mission of The Canadian-Muslim Vote was presented in 75+ Mosques across Canada and was presented at 100+ events.

Over 400K Online Impressions in the Last Month

Our Tweets from The Canadian-Muslim Vote earned over 140K impressions in the last 28 days and our Facebook posts reached over 250K in the last 30 days.

Canvassed over 1000 Homes

Our dedicated volunteers went door to door to promote our message during this election - we visited over 1000 homes.

Featured In:


"On Good Friday — one of the most-attended Friday prayer services of the year — 21 mosques around Toronto will call on their voting-age congregants to cast ballots in the upcoming federal election. It's an initiative being coordinated by Canadian Muslim Vote, a new, non-partisan group that aims to break the cycle of poor Muslim voter turnout in Canada, and is being spearheaded by a group of young professionals in the Toronto-area."
Ontario imams urging Muslims to vote in federal election, CBC

Huffington Post

"Vote — it’s that simple. That’s the message non-profit organization The Canadian-Muslim Vote is sending Muslims across the country. They just want Muslims to get politically engaged “whether you’re a Conservative or if you’re a Liberal,” says board member Muneeza Sheikh."
Federal Election 2015: How One Organization Is Courting the Muslim Canadian Vote, Huffington Post


"Groups like Canadian Muslim Vote (CMV) and the Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) have launched major campaigns to try and pull the Muslim vote. These groups are trying to circumvent the potential for political sectarianism by staying away from addressing specific issues and by maintaining a strict standard of non-partisanship."
Harper's Tories mobilize Canada's Muslims to vote – but not for him, CBC

Huffington Post

"The Canadian-Muslim Vote (TCMV) is a grassroots community organization that's fighting for a more inclusive Canada by getting Muslim Canadians more engaged in politics, primarily by pulling the Muslim vote for this October."
Canadian Muslims Must Use Their Votes This Election, Huffington Post

Muslim Link

"But there is also concern that not all eligible Muslim voters are actually exercising their democratic rights, which is why groups like Canadian Muslim Vote and IMPACT, both most active in the Toronto area, are doing outreach in the community to get out the vote."
Muslim Canadians Running in the 2015 Federal Election, Muslim Link

National Post

"When someone says 'I don't think my vote makes a difference' we can sit down with these statistics and say: 'Look, you live in this key riding. You could have made a difference if more of you came out to vote.'"
Sixteen elections: How federal parties are targeting segments of voters to deliver Commons seats


"The number of young Muslim activists that are going out there, knocking on doors, handing out flyers … has been unprecedented," he (Mohammed Hashim) told CBC Radio's Metro Morning, adding this could be the first election with young Muslims really make a difference on election day.
The Canadian-Muslim Vote, other groups rallying Muslim voters

The Star

"There are people who say, well, Muslims are being used as a political footballs, or we know how the Harper government feels about Muslims," she (Muneeza Sheikh) said. "But our goal is not to isolate people. The core objective of our organization is simple: just to encourage people to go out and vote."
Muslim groups working hard to get out the vote in their community