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Friday, April 19, 2019

Congratulations on signing up to take part in an initiative to encourage the Muslim community to show their support in the next Federal election.  As a leader and volunteer, you will be responsible for the execution of this event at your mosque. The next few pages contain advice and guidance on how to make this a successful event.

On Friday, April 19th, 2019, between 60-75 mosques will be taking part in the annual coordinated Jummah Khutba across Canada. Imam’s across the country will be speaking about civic engagement and the importance of voting.


 To increase awareness in our community on the importance of Civic Engagement by voting responsibly
To allow our community to ask questions and get access to information about the upcoming Federal election  
To interact and engage with the community and provide insight into the goal/purpose of The Canadian-Muslim Vote
To show the greater community that we are active and involved

On the day of the event, it is important to impress upon your team that The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a NON-PARTISAN organization; we cannot tell the community who they should vote. Our message is simple: PLEASE VOTE!


This is a national event and we want to help the mosque to ensure they have all the information they need to inform/ educate their member.  

Once your mosque is confirmed by the Imam or executive, this is a useful guide of the key points to remember:

Ensure you and other volunteers are at the Mosque Early;

Set up all pamphlets, registration papers, extra pens
Ensure you have your TCMV t-shirt so that you people are able to recognize you
If there is no table, then set up near the exit so you have easy access to your materials.
If you are the team leader, ensure the mosque has assigned a few volunteers to support you:

Follow-up with your mosque contacts before the event to ensure they have a few volunteers.
If there is a bit of confusion, TAKE THE LEAD! Get all the volunteers t-shirts, flyers and signup sheets and pens.  
Ask your team to be handing out flyers and while asking the question “do you want to learn more about the upcoming election - sign up and we’ll email you all the stuff you need to help you vote.”

Make sure the Imam/Khateeb at the masjid has the talking points. Download them HERE and make sure they are sent to the mosque.


Photos and Videos

Take photos of your team, before and after and during the event. You don’t have to post them right away, but be sure to take the photos and videos of us interacting with the crowd.

Identify a dedicated volunteer to act as a photographer or videographer for the day.

The Canadian-Muslim Vote will be publishing your photos so be sure to email them to [email protected] and let us know what mosque and any names.


Ensure that there is diversity (male/female, young/old) - if you don’t have that - ask a friend.
Ensure volunteers have name tags and are ready to answer FAQs. (Below)

Make sure the Imam/Khateeb at the masjid has the talking points. Download them HERE and make sure they are sent to the mosque.


Sign-Up Sheets

One of the most important things we are doing is building a database of Muslims across the country so we can stay informed and educated.

Make sure you are asking people to sign-up to receive more information.

Please take a clear photo of the sign-up sheets, no matter how many are filled, and email them to [email protected] immediately after the event.

If you have volunteers who want to type them up and send an excel file, that would be exceptional!

Download a copy of the sign-up sheet by CLICKING HERE

Volunteer Hours

If any member of the community who is volunteering requires a signature for volunteer hours they are doing on Good Friday Jummah, please ask the team lead, mosque lead, or regional coordinator to sign the papers for 2-3 hours of volunteer service. The contact person should be the person signing the document. The official name is THE CANADIAN-MUSLIM VOTE.

Download a printable version of the FAQ's for your team by clicking here.

Have you already signed up? Make sure you are signed up and identified as a Canadian-Muslim Vote Volunteer. Sign Up Here

Get Out the Vote – FAQ’s

When volunteering, you may get these questions, please read through each answer so you can respond quickly and easily.

Why should I vote in the federal election?

The federal government plays an important role in our lives and manages issues such as taxation, economy and debt, funding for provinces, foreign affairs and humanitarian aid.

Who should I vote for?

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is non-partisan and does not advocate for a particular party or candidate. The Canadian-Muslim Vote website has the budget review, party platforms, and a lot of information from Elections Canada on how to vote.

What’s the difference between Provincial and Federal elections?

The federal government has jurisdiction over: national security, taxation and the economy, and national defence amongst others. The province has jurisdiction over minimum wage, healthcare, education, civil and criminal justice, and property rights.

I don’t like the [pick any policy issue], which party will get rid of it?

I am not sure, but we will be posting summaries about each party’s election platform as they become available, and encourage you to signup now so we can email you and help decide which political party appeals to you.

How do I vote?

You will receive a voter card from Elections Canada in the mail if you have registered to vote. Your voter card will include information about the polling station closest to you where you will be able to vote. If you are not sure if you have registered, please visit our website and you will be able to check if you’re registered.

When is the election?

Monday, October 22nd, 2019

What can I do to help?

Make sure that you are on our email list. By doing so, we will be able to stay in touch with you and keep you updated on the political landscape. Please also encourage your friends and family to register. The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a not-for-profit organization and we rely almost entirely on volunteers to do the work we are doing. Please consider volunteering.


Download a printable version of the FAQ's for your team by clicking here.