Queen’s Park

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

There are currently three political parties represented in Queen’s Park which are:


Elected officials that have a seat in Queen’s Park are known as Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs). There are also MPPs that are not a part of any political party that sit as “independents”. Click here to see a list of current MPPs.

The political party with the most seats in Queen’s Park is known as the governing party and the leader of the governing party is the Premier, responsible for governing the Province. The Premier appoints elected officials to his or her Cabinet. Collectively, they are responsible for leading the Province and forging the direction of provincial public policy.

All MPPs represent a constituency within the Province and their core responsibility is to represent their constituents at Queen’s Park and during Question Period. The primary purpose of Question Period is to seek information from the Government and to call it to account for its actions.


For the 2018 provincial election, an additional 17 seats have been added to Queen’s Park. This means that candidates across Ontario will be vying for one of the 124 seats that will be up for election.