Election alert!

The Ontario Provincial election will be taking place on June 7th, 2018.

Why vote?

The provincial government plays a vital role in our day to day lives as Ontarians by overseeing key services such as healthcare, education and the overall state of the economy.

How can you help us?

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! TCMV will start to roll out engagement events across the province and will rely on grassroots volunteers to ensure our events are a success. 

What should I do next?

Please check if you are registered to vote by visiting here and stay informed on the provincial issues that matter to you most.

Did you know?

Ontario is home to close to 600,000 Canadian Muslims which is over half of the Muslim population in Canada. There are 122 seats up for election at Queens Park in the next election in 2018. The main parties running candidates in the election are the Liberal Party of Ontario, the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario and the Ontario New Democratic Party.