Muslims In The House Oct 1-5, 2018

We’ve just published our weekly edition of Muslims in The House for the week of October 1 – October 5!

This week’s edition covers the new United States, Mexico and Canada trade agreement, irregular border crossings from the US and the award of the Order of Canada to Ms. Alia Hogben. Ms. Alia Hogben is just the second Canadian Muslim woman to be awarded the Order of Canada. Congratulations to Ms. Hogben on winning this prestigious award and for her advocacy work to promote women’s rights and combat forms of bigotry.

October is Muslim Heritage Month so be sure to participate in events marking this month in your community.

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New United States, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement

On October 1, MP Andrew Leslie (Orleans, ON - Lib) celebrated the new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. MP Andrews declared that this new, modernized trade agreement would lead to fairer, freer, and more open trade between the three countries while promoting economic growth for Canadians.

The leader of the Official Opposition, MP Andrew Scheer (Regina - Qu’Appelle, SK - Con) raised concerns with concessions made with access to the Canadian dairy markets, quotas in automobile manufacturing, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. MP Scheer expressed his dismay with the concessions Canada made in key industries that may negatively impact Canadian consumers.  

In addition to concerns with the concessions on supply management, MP Guy Caron (Rimouski-Neigette - Temiscouata - Les Basques, QC - NDP) criticized the lack of safeguards in the new trade agreement that would promote environmental protection, gender equality and Indigenous rights.


Order of Canada – Alia Hogben

MP Omar Alghabra (Mississauga Centre, ON - Lib) acknowledged Alia Hogben, a Canadian Muslim woman, as a fierce champion of women’s equality. With her work in women’s rights, Alia Hogben has advocated against gender-based violence, misogyny, Islamophobia, and other forms of bigotry. As the second Canadian Muslim to be awarded the Order of Canada, MP Alghabra recognized the contributions Alia Hogben has made to human rights, in Canada and abroad.


Irregular Border Crossings and Asylum Seekers from the U.S.A.

MP Jenny Kwan (Vancouver East, BC - NDP) emphasized the growing need for the Government of Canada to create and implement a comprehensive plan to deal with the recent influx in irregular border crossings. The government’s approach, MP Kwan stressed, should respect Canada’s international obligations and respect human dignity, while ensuring border communities are supported and the integrity of our immigration system be maintained.

MP Matt DeCourcey (Fredriction, NB - Lib) highlighted the humanitarian leadership of the Government and indicated that the government is studying migration trends and other factors that contribute to irregular border crossings to ensure that they are approaching the issue emphatically.