Muslims in the House: June 12 - 16

International Development
MP Peter Kent (Thornhill) raised concern as to why the Liberals were funding the UN Relief and Works Agency when it funds two schools in Gaza that were found to have a Hamas-run tunnel in between them. MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes (Whitby), Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development, stated that this was investigated and it was shown that there was no access to the property.

MP Anita Vandenbeld (Ottawa West-Nepean) thanked the refugees of Kosovo for their contributions to Canada on the 18th anniversary of their arrival to Canada.

Foreign Affairs
MP Peter Kent (Thornhill) brought attention to the dispute between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and to the accusations that were made against Qatar. The Honourable Peter Kent questioned why the Liberals had not stated anything regarding this dispute. MP Matt DeCourcey (Fredericton), who also serves as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the stability of the Gulf region was of central importance and hoped that the issues would be dealt with constructively.

National Defence
MP Thomas Mulcair (Outremont) questioned what penalty the Minister of National Defence would face for having “downplayed” his responsibility in the transfer of detainees in Afghanistan and thus misleading the Ethics Commissioner.  Our Prime Minister, The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau stated that this was an issue the government took very seriously and there were six investigations in regards to this issue - one of which is still ongoing.