Mississauga Mayor Election Op-Ed

The Mississauga by-election on June 10th ended with the victory for Carolyn Parrish as Mayor and Natalie Hart as Ward 5 Councillor.

The Canadian Muslim Vote (TCMV) congratulates Mayor Parrish and Councillor Hart for their wins and looks forward to working with them.

During this election season, TCMV worked diligently to spread awareness of the election and various campaign platforms to help voters cast an informed ballot. 

We hosted interviews with all four frontrunners of the mayoral race: Dipika Damerla, Alvin Tedjo, Carolyn Parrish, and Stephen Dasko on core issues that matter to our community and for all Mississaugans.

TCMV's platform comparison tool, which allowed viewers to see side-by-side comparisons of candidate’s platforms on topics such as transportation, safety, and taxes.  

A key issue that came up in this election was the Bloor Street re-design project. This $27 million project has been a divisive issue between candidates and residents for years. To help understand the current and proposed plans, TCMV released informational videos and resources breaking down the project and its impact. 

The team also visited various mosques and community events across the region to spread awareness about the upcoming election and details on how to vote.

However, according to the city’s unofficial results, over 138,500 ballots were cast in a voter turnout of approximately 25.7%. This is down from the 27% turnout during the 2018 municipal election. 

The decline in voter participation and overall drop in civic engagement signifies the need and continued work ahead for organizations like TCMV. Voting and participating in the electoral process is a fundamental democratic right and civic responsibility. It is a powerful tool that allows citizens to influence government actions, uphold democratic principles, and advocate for the changes they wish to see.

 It’s also important that we see ourselves represented in elected leaders, and hope that through our advocacy, we can engage more young people and community members to also put their name forward to become strong civic leaders.

TCMV encourages citizens to fulfill this responsibility by equipping them with the tools necessary to meaningfully engage in the democratic process. The organization is a national, non-partisan, non-profit charitable organization that aims to increase civic engagement and education within the Muslim community through initiatives like the Civic Leadership Institute.  

The Institute offers an interactive national Fellowship program for young Canadian Muslim professionals to engage with politicians, advisors, and journalists. They receive mentorship and become equipped with skills to understand the political landscape. The Fellowship is available in cities including Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

TCMV also conducts educational workshops for students and professionals, detailing a comprehensive overview of Canada’s government functions, roles, and branches. The workshops delve into the electoral processes, the role of political parties, and the importance of civic engagement. Attendees gain a clearer understanding of the intricacies of Canadian governance, empowering them to make more informed decisions and be active citizens regardless of their age or profession. 

TCMV’s Library is an online archive of resources dedicated to educating and engaging the community on Canadian politics. This curated collection features government publications, political biographies, and various multimedia resources that provide insights into Canada’s political history and current affairs. Whether the viewer is a student, researcher, or a simple curious citizen, the Library is designed to foster a deeper understanding of Canadian politics, encouraging informed decision making, and active participation in the democratic process.

Every vote counts, and TCMV’s commitment to education and fostering active political participation amongst Canadian Muslims helps individuals make a significant impact in their communities.  

If you want to learn how you can get more involved in TCMV click here: https://www.canadianmuslimvote.ca/