MIH Feb 19-22

We’ve just published our weekly edition of Muslims in The House for the week of February 19 – February 22, 2019!

This week’s edition covers issues relating to the tragic fire in Halifax, the government’s poverty reduction bill and continuing US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium.

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Fire in Halifax

Andy Fillmore (Halifax, NS, Liberal) stood in the House of Commons to speak about the tragic fire that took “the lives of all seven children” of a Syrian refugee family who “came to Halifax in 2017 in search of a better life.” Describing the loss as immense, he stated that he had spoken with Imam Abdallah Yousri of the Ummah Masjid mosque in Halifax about how the city can unite to support the surviving parents, and that he is confident that the grieving community would “surround one another with love, support and strength in the wake of this profound tragedy.”


Poverty Reduction

Brigitte Sansoucy (Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot, QC, NDP), raised the issue that the government’s poverty reduction bill does not go far enough or do enough to fight poverty and challenged the government to bring forth concrete new measures to fight poverty. Jean-Yves Duclos (Minister of Families) responded that the government implemented the Canada child benefit in 2016 that has lifted many children and families out of poverty.


US Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum

Tracey Ramsey (Essex, ON, NDP) raised the issue that the government’s strategy to have the US tariffs against Canadian steel and aluminium removed is a failure since the tariffs continue to exist resulting in job losses despite government assurances that such tariffs would be removed. Andrew Leslie (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs) assured Parliament that Canadian retaliatory trade actions are having an impact and that the US will eventually lift the steel and aluminium tariffs against Canada.