Muslims In The House: Oct 3-7

Motion Condemning Islamophobia Fails
A motion condemning all forms of Islamophobia failed to receive unanimous consent in the House. The motion, brought forward by Thomas Mulcair (NDP), was introduced after Frank Baylis’ (Liberal) sponsored e-petition received signatures from 70,000 Canadians. Several Conservative MPs had opposed the motion, which led to its defeat.  Though the motion failed, the original petition is now being certified and then sent for government response to be tabled in 45 days.

Yazidi women and girls
MP Rachel Blaney (Conservative) said that Yazidi women and girls are being sold into sexual slavery, and the best the Liberals can do is simply to send advisors. She asked when the Prime Minister plans on taking action on behalf of those who are being faced with this genocide in Iraq and Syria. The Minister of Immigration, MP John McCallum, said that the Liberal government recognizes the exceptionally serious nature of this issue and the difficulties involved, so the government will be sending an expedition to investigate the situation in Iraq.

Muslim Canadians
MP Randy Boissonnault (Liberal) made the following statement: “I rise today in solidarity with Muslim Canadians and Muslim newcomers across the country. When Muslim newcomers decide to leave their country and come to Canada, they often leave behind prejudice and profiling for a better life in this country. Mistrust and fear of newcomers are dismal aspects of our shared past. Recent outbursts of Islamophobia in Alberta reflect neither the best nor the majority of those who share Albertan and Canadian values… In 2016, every Muslim Canadian is a Canadian—sont des Canadiens—are Canadians.”

Islamic History Month
MP Rachel Blaney (NDP) stated to the House that October marks the occasion of Islamic History Month. By showcasing the contributions of Muslim communities across Canada, we can combat ignorance and lslamophobia.

Rejection of Review on Arms Export
The Liberals and Conservatives rejected the NDP motion to create a standing committee to review the export of arms to countries known for human rights violations. The motion, introduced last week, called for the creation of a multi-partisan committee to provide parliamentary oversight to examine and review sales of military weapons to oppressive regimes.  The Prime Minister said that the government is committed to signing to the Arms Sales Treaty. The government is also dedicated to “increasing openness and transparency” regarding the sales of arms internationally.

Ratification of the Paris Climate Accord
By a vote of 207-81, the House of Commons ratified the Paris Climate Agreement this week, which formally commits Canada to the UN agreement that was endorsed by 194 countries earlier this year. Nationally, the Agreement commits Canada to greenhouse gas emissions by 30% of the 2005 levels by 2030.
While the Conservative Party supports the reduction targets outlined by the Paris Agreement, it opposes the carbon-pricing plan. Calling the plan an unnecessary tax burden on Canadians, Conservatives attempted to leave carbon pricing at the behest of the provinces, but the Liberals and NDP defeated this amendment.