Canada Flag Campaign

What is the Flag Campaign?

A new campaign to erect Canadian flags at mosques and Islamic institutions across Canada. The vision for this initiative is to continue to take strides towards a unified and integrated community.

Why Participate?

This campaign provides mosques and Islamic institutions an opportunity to demonstrate their Canadian pride as Muslims who are part of the larger community they reside within. This is an opportunity to be a part of a non-sectarian initiative to promote civic engagement among Canadian Muslims and help create more awareness amongst your local communities. Furthermore, this campaign will generate positive conversations about Muslim establishments to counter potential misconceptions that have plagued our mosques and institutions in the past. Our teams will work with local political leaders and media to shed positive light on this program that gives you a chance to identify as proud ‘Canadian’ Muslims.

How to Participate?

Simply reach out to TCMV at if your mosque or Islamic institution is interested in participating in this campaign. Our team will work with you to coordinate a ceremony to commemorate the raising of the flag and create some media coverage for the event. There is no cost to the mosque or institution for participating in the campaign, rather the flags and flag poles will be provided through private donors.

How to become a flag donor?

Part of making this campaign possible is flag donors. We will work with our donors to involve them in the flag ceremony and any dedications they may want to make. If you are interested in donating a flag to the campaign please contact us at

Conservative Party Leadership Elections

On May 27. 2017, the Conservative Party of Canada will be electing a new leader.

Why should you care?

This leadership race will ultimately determine who will lead the Conservative Party of Canada (Conservative Party) in the next federal election in 2019.

How to vote?

In order to vote for the next leader of the Conservative Party, you must hold active membership to the Conservative Party before March 28, 2017. Here is a link to register. A nominal membership fee of $15 is required.

The Details

We have prepared a quick reference guide outlining each candidate’s platform and background. A small caveat: we are still very early in the race and each candidate has yet to unveil a complete policy platform. Here is what we know so far:

Chris Alexander

chris alexander

Former Conservative MP for Ajax—Pickering (Ontario)

  • Former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2013–2015)
  • 18 years in the Canadian foreign service, including stints in Moscow and as Canada’s first resident ambassador to Afghanistan
  • Immigration: Plans to increase the intake of immigrants to 400,000 every year, including 40,000 refugees
  • National Security: In 2015, he announced that a re-elected Conservative government would establish an RCMP tip line so citizens could report incidents of "barbaric cultural practices"

Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier

Conservative MP for Beauce (Québec)

  • Former Minister of Small Business and Tourism (2011–2015); Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2008)
  • Business: Lower the corporate tax rate from 15% to 10% and abolish the capital gains tax
  • Personal tax: Reduce the number of tax brackets from five to two
  • Bill C-51: Voted in favour of the bill

Steven Blaney

steven blaney

Conservative MP for Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis (Québec)

  • Former Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (2013–2015)
  • Bill C-51: As Minister of Public Safety, he introduced Bill C-51
  • Niqab: Should he become prime minister, he will re-introduce legislation forcing voters, new citizens taking the citizenship oath, and federal public servants to uncover their faces
  • National Security: Boost funding to security agencies like CSIS, the RCMP, and Canada Border Services Agency to expand screening for potential national security threats

Michael Chong

michael chong

Conservative MP for Wellington—Halton Hills (Ontario)

  • Personal tax: Reduce the number of tax brackets from five to two
  • Corporate tax: An absolute reduction in corporate income taxes of 5%
  • Tax overhaul: Proposes an overhaul of the tax system based on new revenues from taxing carbon and lowering personal taxes
  • Niqab: Disagreed with previous Government’s position on banning face coverings at citizenship ceremonies

Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch

Conservative MP for Simcoe—Grey (Ontario)

  • Former Minister of Labour and Status of Women (2013–2015)
  • Hailed Trump’s presidential victory as an “exciting message that needs to be delivered in Canada as well”
  • Immigration: Proposing to devise a "Canadian values" test for immigrants
  • National Security: In 2015, announced that a re-elected Conservative government would establish an RCMP tip line so citizens could report incidents of "barbaric cultural practices"

Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson

A Vancouver based businessman, President of Peterson Capital

  • 28 years of experience as an investment advisor, investment banker and public company officer & director
  • Rick Peterson wants to boost terrorist surveillance and enhance security screening for immigrants, but stops short of a values test like the one put forward by rival Kellie Leitch

Deepak Obhrai

deepak Obhrai

Conservative MP for Calgary Forest Lawn (Alberta)

  • Former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and for International Human Rights (2013–2015)
  • Terrorism: Proposes setting up community-driven centres with appropriate funding to exclusively address the threat of home-grown terrorism
  • Canadian Values: Opposes Leitch’s proposal for a "Canadian values" test

Erin O’Toole


Conservative MP for Durham (Ontario)

  • Former Minister of Veteran Affairs (2015–2015)
  • Bill C-51: In favour of the bill
  • Carbon tax: Believes that a carbon tax is a “lazy policy”

Lisa Raitt


Conservative MP for Milton (Ontario)

  • Former Minister of Transport (2013–2015)
  • Raitt served in three portfolios in former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government: natural resources, labour and transport
  • Immigration: Believes that ensuring Canada has a strong immigration system is more important than devising a "Canadian values" test for immigrants

Andrew Saxton


Last in Parliament October 2015 as Conservative MP for North Vancouver (B.C.)

  • Former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance (2013–2015)
  • Income taxes: Wants to lower income taxes for Canadians in all income tax brackets
  • Immigration: Against the idea of creating a 'citizenship values committee’

Andrew Scheer

andrew scheer

Conservative MP for Regina—Qu'Appelle (Saskatchewan)

  • Former Speaker of the House of Commons (2011–2015)
  • Has received 18 endorsements from the conservative caucus (the highest)
  • Immigration: Believes that Kellie Leitch’s system to screen immigrants is not practical

Bradley Trost

Bradley Trost

Conservative MP for Saskatoon—University (Saskatchewan)

  • Social Conservative: Openly opposed to gay marriage, is anti-abortion, and against assisted suicide
  • Carbon tax: Does not support a carbon tax

Pierre Lemieux


Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for Glengarry—Prescott—Russell (Ontario)

  • Former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs (2015) and Minister of Agriculture (2011-2015)
  • Social Conservative: opposed to gay marriage, anti-abortion
  • Lemieux served in the Canadian Forces for 20 years

Kevin O’Leary


Canadian businessman and T.V. personality

  • Businessman: Co-founder of O’Leary Funds and SoftKey Software Products
  • Reality T.V. personality: on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank (USA)
  • Taxes: O'Leary believes corporate tax rates in Canada are too high, and has promised to eliminate the national carbon tax. O'Leary is a critic of deficit spending and supports eliminating the national debt.
  • Taxes: O'Leary believes corporate tax rates in Canada are too high, and has promised to eliminate the national carbon tax. O'Leary is a critic of deficit spending and supports eliminating the national debt.
  • Immigration:O'Leary believes that Canada has no immigration problem

Survey Results

Top Reasons Muslims Voted

Civic Duty
Belief in the Democratic Process
Religious Duty
Fear of Opposition Parties

Top Reasons Muslims Did Not Vote

Don't Know Enough
Cannot Vote
Don't Care or Doesn't Make a Difference
No Time

Top Issues Canadian Muslims Care About

1. Human Rights/Civil Liberties
2. Foreign Policy
3. Healthcare
4. Education
5. Employment
6. Economy
7. Immigration
8. Environment
9. Senior Care
10. National Security
11. Child Care

Our goal as The Canadian-Muslim Vote is to educate and encourage Muslims to play an active role in Canadian democracy. In order for us to do that, we need to know what you care about in politics. Please complete our survey so you provide us with the relevant information to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this group open to?

Our organization is primarily open to Muslims who want to have a better understanding of Canadian politics and those who want to be actively engaged in the political process. We are not affiliated with any political party or religious organization. The Canadian-Muslim Vote is also open to Canadians who want to raise their awareness of the issues that are of interest to the Muslim community.

Does The Canadian-Muslim Vote have a religious agenda?

No. The key motivation of The Canadian-Muslim Vote is to encourage increased voter turn-out and political participation within the Canadian Muslim community. We hope to leverage the wide audience and network of religious leaders to spread the core message of The Canadian-Muslim Vote: be engaged and vote!

Who funds this group?

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a non-profit, grassroots organization and relies on the support of the public.

What issues does it intend on championing?

The Canadian-Muslim Vote aims to educate and empower the broader Muslim community to participate in the Canadian political process. Through this engagement, we also hope to learn what issues are most important to the community. However, our main focus at this point is increasing Canadian Muslim participation in the democratic process.

Are you affiliated with any international organizations?

No. The Canadian-Muslim Vote, as its name suggests, is a Canadian organization.